Equal work deserves equal pay, regardless of gender.



Raising a family is a difficult prospect under the best of circumstances. One of the most important things we can do to help parents with this task is to ensure that a parent is able to stay home during the first weeks of a child's development. When that parent needs to return to work, childcare must be safe and affordable. Too many parents are stuck on a treadmill of working extra jobs to pay for childcare. 


Discrimination Based on Gender or Sexual Identity

There is simply no place in American society for any type of discrimination based upon an individual's biological or perceived gender or sexual identity. 



Discrimination is still a pervasive element in our society. We need to carry on the work of previous generations and strive to create a society that provides equality of opportunity to all.


end For-profit prisons and aggressive policing

I will immediately push for the improvement of conditions in the nation's prisons and the complete abolition of for-profit prisons. Policing practices need to be evaluated. The nation's police are brave individuals who risk their lives on a daily basis. However, there is no excuse for police brutality, and every allegation must be fully investigated in a transparent and  just manner.


religious liberty

Religious liberty is one of the founding tenets of the United States, but so is the separation of church and state. These two ideas are not incompatible, and they must both be respected at every level of government.