Investigating the Tax Plan: Attacking the ACA Individual Mandate

Here they go again, another attack on the ACA, this time in the guise of the Senate tax plan.

The Senate is proposing to end the ACA's efforts at universal coverage and to throw 13 million Americans off health care, while increasing everyone else's premiums by another 10%.

This is a clear example of the lack of responsibility and leadership of our elected officials. The fiscal irresponsibility of the financial windfalls for the wealthy in this plan will increase the deficit by over $1.5 trillion. To pay for that gift, taxes on the rest of us will increase.

Unable to create a real solution, the Senators will end all tax cuts and benefits offered to working and middle-class Americans in 2025, while allowing corporate tax cuts to continue without end.

Who do your Congressional Representatives and Senators represent? If they are not fighting against this tax plan, they do not represent you! I am fighting to #CreateTheChange needed to protect the ACA and to prevent this tax code from passing. Will you join me?