May 18 - Organizing St. Joseph County

Yesterday we visited with the St. Joseph County Democratic Party.  The more we travel around the district and meet people, the more hope I have.  The hard work of the St. Joseph County Party is paying off with a growing membership that is dedicated to creating positive change.

We joined organizers from the Washtenaw County Democratic Party at the meeting to present strategies for a robust precinct delegate program. This is a signal of a great change in the Democratic Party.  If we want to win elections, we need to be a force for good in our communities.  An effective precinct delegate program brings people into the party, creates conduits for nonmembers to share their concerns with party officials, and serves as a flexible apparatus for the party to mobilize support for community concerns as well as elections.

If we can restore the precinct delegate system, we can make the Democratic Party an engine of community vitality.