May 22 - Gerrymandering: Let's Slay the Dragon

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," is a variation on one of the best ethical guidelines ever created.  We need much more adherence to that standard in politics. 

The redistricting reform town hall on May 20 in Kalamazoo brought that need into stark focus.  Gerrymandering threatens to undermine the strength of our communities and our entire political system.  When legislators determine the shape of districts, the result is a map that artificially strengthens whichever party is in power.  This artificial redistricting comes at the expense of the voters.  Legislators, political strategists, and lobbyists carefully design these districts to create predetermined voting results, favoring their interests.

The most effective way to combat this problem is to take the redistricting power away from all legislators, Republican and Democrat alike.  We can do this in Michigan.  Please follow two organizations at the forefront of this fight in Michigan: Voters not Politicians and Count MI Vote.  Let's force Lansing and Washington to recognize that the root of all political authority rests on our shoulders, not in the hands of the legislators!