June 22, 2017 - Growing the Grassroots: Benac For Congress

David Benac at the St. Joseph County Democratic Party's event, Growing the Grassroots in 2017 and Beyond.

Thursday, we spent a great evening with the St. Joseph County Democrats at their fundraiser devoted to the importance of grassroots organizing.  In recognition of the theme, I took the opportunity to talk about the powerful, grassroots movements of the past and how we can build on those examples.  St. Joseph County is a great example of the potential of the Democratic Party.  Voters in that county chose Senator Sanders overwhelmingly in the 2016 Presidential primary with over 60% of the vote.  We need to recognize that people vote for candidates who are genuine and who offer solutions, not for those who claim to be the most experienced at propping up the existing status quo.

For the full article, go to the following link: http://www.threeriversnews.com/local-news/local-democrats-encourage-growing-grassroots