Environmental Policy Statement

Today, I am happy to share my environmental policy statement with you, our seventh bold policy statement to be released to date.

Unseasonably warm weather paired with melting snow and heavy rain have created widespread flooding throughout the 6th district These floods have wreaked havoc on roads, bridges, and peoples' homes and businesses. Michigan saw record-setting warm temperatures in February, as high as 63 degrees in some parts of the state. Like most Michiganders, I don't generally complain about a warm day in February, but these extreme weather patterns are not normal and are, in fact, a result of climate change. If we continue to abuse the environment, we will see more episodes of extreme heat, intense storms, and severe droughts all over the globe. Our communities, our infrastructure, and our planet cannot tolerate this. It’s time to put the earth first. 

You can view our environmental policy statement here.