Workers' Rights Policy Statement

Economic inequality is more severe today than at any point since the Great Depression. The middle class is shrinking, secure, good-paying jobs are increasingly rare, benefits are under attack, and retirement is becoming a luxury beyond the reach of workers. This is not a natural or inevitable evolution of society. This is the result of an intentional and coordinated effort by a small number of the wealthy elite to seize and concentrate political power and to rewrite our legal and tax systems to their benefit at the expense of working Americans

I am running for Congress because the inequalities that plague our nation have reached a fever-pitch and we must move quickly and expansively if we are to create a better future. The rights of workers are central to my vision of making a better future a reality. As your representative in Congress, I will lead the fight for workers’ rights, expansion and protection of the middle class, and the elimination of inequality in every guise.

You can view our full workers' rights policy statement here.