Endorsed by Bill Farmer, Arbitration Advocate at AFSCME

Bill Farmer is a powerful advocate for the rights of all working-class Americans and we are honored to have his support for David's candidacy and our people-powered movement. You can read Bill's full letter of support below. Thank you, Bill!

"David Benac is the only candidate running for Michigan’s 6th Congressional District who unabashedly supports the concept of and process involved in transitioning to a Single Payer Healthcare system. He has also committed himself, once elected, to pass House Resolution 676, the Expanded and Improved Medical Care Act.

Benac’s commitment to Single Payer Healthcare proves he understands the way to solve our healthcare crisis is to end the profit motive that drives it. He understands that the wealth generated by our economy, when critically applied, will solve not just our Healthcare Crisis, but other issues which so ardently need mitigation.

With this perspective and understanding, Benac understands the systemic problems underlying and reinforcing the economic and social justice issues we have all be fighting to correct. No one should be refused healthcare because of their inability to pay. Single Payer Healthcare/Extended and Improved Medicare for All rips away the threads of privilege, racism, and sexism, and ends the moral bankruptcy of our 'for profit' healthcare system.

This is the kind of leadership which can lead us away from the inequality we face today. If we are to build a better future today, economic and social justice advocates need to continue to build independent grassroots movements and at the same time support electoral candidates, like Benac, who possess a critical analysis of our systemic problems.

This is why I voted for David Benac."