WMUK Hosts forum with 6th Congressional District Democrats

On July 12th, David Benac joined three other 6th District Democratic candidates at the Fetzer Center for an hourlong forum.


Moderated by WMUK's Gordon Evans and sponsored by WMUK and Western Michigan University’s Institute of Government and Politics, the forum featured George Franklin, David Benac, Rich Eichholz and Matt Longjohn.

You can hear the entire forum on WMUK's website. Listen in, or share with a friend!

Women's Rights Policy Statement

Our democracy will not survive if we do not comprehensively address every form of discrimination that plagues our society. Discrimination based upon gender is a historical legacy with no place in the present. The “Me Too” movement is the latest incarnation of women’s struggle for equality in the US and it is breaking down the barriers many Americans create so they do not have to discuss or acknowledge the discrimination and violence that women suffer on a daily basis.

Register to Vote in the Democratic Primary August 7th

Remember, today is the deadline to register to vote in the August primaries. Most Secretary of State locations are not open over the weekend, so you should act now if you still need to register. If you plan on mailing in your registration, it must be postmarked no later than Monday, July 9.

Your voice matters and our campaign will keep working to make sure that your voice is heard. Not sure if you're registered or not? Check here to find out.  Make sure to check, and help your friends and family register before Monday!  

30 Days to win!

We're in the 14th month of the campaign and we've made it to this point because of you.

The hundreds of people who have joined us to knock doors, make phone calls, walk in parades, clean beaches and highways, organize town halls, table fairs, festivals, and community celebrations, host and attend protests, and the thousands of people who have sacrificed to make financial contributions are the reason this movement exists.

The outpouring of support has been humbling. As your representative, I will never forget the people who helped me achieve this.

We've got 30 days to return MI-06 to the people of this district by electing a Democrat who will work for YOU, not corporations and the wealthy elite. You in? Join our grassroots movement!

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! We celebrated the holiday with a few of our best friends by walking in parades in Allegan, Dorr, Schoolcraft, and Saugatuck over the past two days.

Today is a day to celebrate the history and the potential of our nation. We have deep stains on our past, but our potential has never been diminished. I am proud to be an American and I am proud of all of the hard-working and selfless people who demonstrate their patriotism by fighting to rid our nation of bigotry, intolerance, and inequality of all types. We the people will make progressive reform a reality and create a more perfect union. #CreateTheChange


Come join David Benac for a Coffee Hour!

Come out and have a coffee with David Benac, Democratic candidate for the US House of Representatives. This is great opportunity to ask questions and talk about the issues that matter to you.  David has eight upcoming coffee hours in July and August, all over the 6th District -- find one near you!


205 E. Main St., Niles, Michigan 49120


531 N Grand St, Schoolcraft, MI 49087


1000 Washington Ave, Holland, MI 49423-5204

JULY 24 - 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM AT THE COOPER CAFE

 7759 Douglas Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49009


8016 Vineyard Pkwy, Kalamazoo, MI 49009

Healthcare is a Human Right: Medicare-for-All

Single-Payer Universal Healthcare, also known as Medicare-for-All, is one of the most important issues that we are fighting for in this campaign. Medicare-for-All will save American families money, it will bolster our economy, it will create more jobs, and most importantly: it will SAVE LIVES.

It's time for America to join the rest of the industrialized world, and support a single-payer universal healthcare system that works for all of us. Healthcare is a Human Right. Let's fulfill that promise, and bring the American healthcare system into the 21st century.

Learn more about our plans at http://benac2018.com/health-care and help us #CreateTheChange #MedicareForAll #SinglePayer

LGBTQ+ Rights Policy Statement

To mark the last days of #PrideMonth I am proud to release my policy statement on LGBTQ+ issues. Thank you Josh Alburtus for the help with the final draft.

I am a proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community and once in Congress I will support legislation and policy to combat all forms of inequality and oppression. The recent recognition by the World Health Organization that being transgender is not a mental illness is a tremendous step forward, but the fact that this decision merits recognition reveals the terrible history of discrimination directed towards the LGBTQ+ community.

Stunning upset victory for progressive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Last night we saw a bold progressive and one of my fellow Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress candidates, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, take a double-digit win in a race that the establishment politicians and the media declared she had no chance for victory. Her opponent, Joe Crowley, chair of the House Democratic Caucus, is a powerful establishment incumbent who out-raised her 10 to 1. This is more proof that our grassroots campaign that connects people through progressive policies and a commitment to listening to the members of every community will defeat the big-spending and uninspiring establishment politics. That was Alexandria's strategy and that is what we've been doing since last May.

Help us fuel our campaign for people-first, progressive reform in the last stretches of the primary. Are you ready to donate to help #TeamBenac join Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Congress? Chip in at  https://secure.actblue.com/donate/davidbenac


(Photos from #BrandNewSummit, Nov. 2017)

Medicare for All at the Health Care Forum

Single-payer, universal health care was the topic of last night's Health Care Forum sponsored by The Psychotherapy Consortium of Southwest Michigan and the Kalamazoo Mental Health Professionals Network. Mr. Upton didn’t make it and another candidate for the 6th sent a surrogate but #TeamBenac showed up and was the only campaign to come out strong for #MedicareForAll.

We will win this seat for the people of the 6th District because we put the people first and will work for what is right, not just what is easy.


#CreateTheChange with the Berrien County Democratic Party

#TeamBenac had another big day yesterday. Our talented and dedicated volunteers organized to get out and talk with voters all across the district. This is why I'm running to be your representative. The amazing people of this district deserve someone who is going to spend every day working for them and committed to a transformative progressive agenda.


My deep thanks go out to the team and to the Berrien County Democratic Party for hosting another fun and productive picnic, Josh Catrambone Musinski and Ronora Lodge & Retreat Center for organizing and hosting an amazing meet and greet dinner for the campaign, and Out On The Lakeshore for the crucial work they are doing for the LGBTQ+ community in the Holland area; it was an honor to support their work by being a part of their Pride Month festival!

I'm running to represent every person in the district. For more than a year, we have been crisscrossing the district to talk with people, to support great causes, and to learn what matters to you. I ask for your support so I can carry this commitment to DC and be your voice to #CreateTheChange!


#TeamBenac has the Momentum


Over a year ago, I filed my paperwork to run to represent the people of the 6th District in the US House of Representatives. Ever since, I have been working all over the district to build a grassroots movement so we can win this race and grow the Democratic Party so we win many more races in the future. With less than 2 months to go until the primary election, that work is paying off.

Our VolunteersI am extraordinarily proud of Team Benac. Over 450 residents of our district have signed up to volunteer. These amazing individuals are donating their time and putting themselves out there to demonstrate their commitment to creating the change we need to ensure a better future for our neighbors.

Volunteer with us!

This is the moment when we demonstrate to the district that we are the most dedicated, organized, and hardest working campaign in the race. We show up, listen, and offer support, and we’re building coalitions that cross every barrier.

Community EventsWe are now canvassing every single day, attending party meetings, hosting events, joining parades and festivals, meeting voters anywhere they choose, and using candidate forums to distinguish our clear progressive agenda. In addition to all of our field activities I continue to write and post detailed policy statements, because I believe voters have the right to know what candidates will do once elected.

Read Our Policy Statements

I hope to see you at some of Team Benac’s events in the next couple weeks. For a more complete listing please check out our Facebook page. If you are interested in joining one of our canvassing teams, please let us know—we’re in the field every day! Here are a few events coming up in the next few days:

Tonight: This is What Democracy Tastes Like (Camp Ronora, Watervliet, 6pm)

District Healthcare Forum (Theo & Stacy's Portage Rd, 6/26, 6pm)

Coffee Hour with David (Café Tosi, St. Joseph, 6/26, 11am)

Beers with Benac (Nelson’s Saloon, Three Oaks, 6/26, 6pm)

Working for you,

David Benac

Visiting The Phoenix Coffeeshop in Benton Harbor


Yesterday, at The Phoenix Coffeeshop, I spent a couple hours having a free-wheeling discussion with voters in Benton Harbor about health care, immigration, education, and the corruption of our political system by big donors and corporations. Thank you to the Phoenix for hosting and to Anne Walters and Andrew Bruex of #TeamBenac for doing most of the organizing. We have the momentum and we're working to #CreateTheChange we need for health care, jobs, education, and restoring democracy. Let's carry this movement to November and beyond!


Elder Issues Policy Statement

I will work to guarantee that every American is able to retire with dignity. The aging of our population provides the US with a complex series of issues that require a comprehensive plan. My plan to provide much needed support to our elder neighbors has four key areas:

  1. Fully fund and staff existing agencies and enforce existing legislation,
  2. Expand Social Security,
  3. Facilitate aging in place, and
  4. Improve health care.

News of the Week

June 11 - Allegan County Democratic Party Meeting:

#TeamBenac is bringing the grassroots energy to the 6th District! This is how we will grow the party and build a movement that will help us win seats and #CreateTheChange in 2018 and beyond.

Thank you to the Allegan County Democratic Party for giving me an opportunity to present my strategy to your members and for all of the work you are doing to expand the party in Allegan County.

June 12 - Berrien County MSU Alumni Club

I had fun yesterday with 600 of my closest friends and fellow MSU alumni at the annual picnic hosted by the Berrien County MSU Alumni Club.

I have spent my entire life, as a student and a teacher, in public education and I believe our system has been the best in the world and it will be again.

I will work to achieve full funding for our public schools, halt public funding to private schools, provide every student easy access to licensed social workers, support the union rights of educators, return vocational education to a prominent place in schools, and remove the tuition barrier from all public education from pre-k through college.

Let's #CreateTheChange we need to provide every student with a world class education and #GoGreen!